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Ian Berry's Podcasts

Jun 25, 2020

Voice, song and music are my favourite metaphors for our essence, our unique personal significance or one-of-a-kind character. People leadership is the art of seeing, sometimes unearthing, mostly magnifying and enhancing people's essence including your own.

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Jun 18, 2020

On the world stage a few leaders are leading from and with their hearts. Most are still in their heads! A movement is gathering momentum. It's about being better humans.

Heart-leadership is the new normal.

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Jun 11, 2020

I sense a movement gathering momentum fast. It's not focused on single issues, rather it's one movement that focuses on being better humans. It encompasses all the issues where we are failing one another and the environments in which we live.

This movement calls us Re-start where we are and to do what we can.

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Jun 4, 2020

R and Re words are dominating our landscape right now aren’t they? For me three really matter for thriving DC (during corona) and AC (after corona), reasons, relationships and routines.

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