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Ian Berry's Podcasts

Feb 14, 2019

Everyone talks about feedback. I believe it has very little value.

Often feedback is toxic.

There's many other more important ways to communicate and converse. They all need a convention that ensure positivity which is what this episode is all about.

As always additional resources at my blog and complimentary resources...

Feb 7, 2019

We all need a purpose (common-cause, reason) beyond profit to guide us in our businesses. Profit is a result of being good at business, not a reason for being in business.

In this podcast I suggest that in your own best way you incorporate people feeling valued, living values and delivering value in your purpose or...

Jan 31, 2019

Of all the roles we play wisdom workers is arguably the most valuable. In this podcast I introduce the role and an action you can take as soon as convenient.

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